Integration Development

Integration Development for Property Preservation

Depending on the amount of volume your Preservation business is handling, software integration, or a lack thereof can be a major bottleneck.

What does "Integration" mean?

Imagine having a phone call. You are connected to the other person on the phone, and both of you are sharing information. An integration, is essentially a "phone call" between applications. One app may have a photo, and using an integration, it can send that photo to another app. This happens everyday between apps like Pruvan and PPW. You, or your crew, takes a photo in the field using Pruvan, and that photo appears in PPW using an integration.

Why Integration is Important

This seeming nuance of one app talking to another may seem trivial, but its important. By leveraging various integrations you can automate a lot of the work you are doing in the office, or even out in the field. Take a moment to think about all of tasks you do, where you move information from one location to the another, whether it be between applications, creating an excel sheet report, completing a form, or moving photos, integrations might be able to do this for you.

Integration Challenges

Not all applications can "talk" to one another, and not all tasks are suited to integration, estimates for instance. But there is always a way to adjust how you complete your tasks, so you can take advantage of some of the benefits of integration(s). Also, Robotic Process Automation systems, like the ones we build, can do most of the work that an integration would when there are no integrations available.

Integration Development Services

If you are using software that doesn't have any integrations, or you are building excel reports manually, or copy and paste data all day, we can develop an integration for you, or at least, we can help you take advantage of the features that are already built into the software you are using. Schedule a quick call with us, or shoot us an email.

Aaron McKeehan

Founder of Paradigm. Passionate about simplifying business processes so businesses can become more productive, and save time.