The Problem


Increasing Minimum Wage

As governments begin to increase their minimum wage, many employers are often faced with the challenge of outsourcing, or adjusting the cost of their goods and services.

Increasing Business Velocity

Globally, as more people are connected to the internet more competitors will enter into the market. Business will be faced with the challenge of managing exponentially growing supply and demand.

Decreasing Productivity

According to surveys 70% of employees waste time at work. This percentage has continued to increase annually.

Data, & the need to manage it, is growing at an ever-increasing pace. As you develop your business, it will be inevitable that you must increase your workforce to maintain its growth. Due to compliance requirements such as Workers Compensation, Health Insurance, and Minimum Wage increases, your need to reduce overhead will increase with each new hire. Not to mention as you grow, the demands of your customers will also grow. But your options for an affordable system to manage that influx of data and regulations are limited, or very expensive.

"We believe our company, Paradigm, is offering a solution that assists small businesses with the pressures they face regarding their customer, the dynamic regulatory environment, and the workforce they need to continue their operations."

The Solution


Low Entry Cost

Our automation service can perform 144 hours of human labor for $500 per month

Scale your business

With our technology, you can scale your business capacity without the need for additional expensive on-boarding programs, ERP systems, or labor.

Increased Productivity

Improve consistency, productivity, and the service that is tantamount to your customer. It takes one of our systems 10-15 seconds to perform a perfect task.

• You can "centralize" your companies disparate processes and create a streamlined operational workflow.

• Legacy Software Migration:  Using automation you can eliminate the arduous process of copying & pasting by taking advantage of technology that will efficiently and consistently deliver the precise results that you need during software migration. 

• You can choose to receive curated notifications via email or SMS Text that notify you of the statuses concerning essential tasks that are important to your business.

• Audible updates can inform you of the operations that you find most important. Rather than having to micro-manage your business, you can allow the software to tell you the stats that you need on a daily basis, so you can focus on the details that matter most.


• Overcome software limitations: To build the customized software that you need may take weeks or months. You know that timing is essential to your business, and so do we. Rather than building entirely new platforms, we can quickly develop customized solutions built around the software you are currently using.

• Platform Assistance: Our automation service integrates directly into databases and can "augment" your current platform(s) with powerful algorithms that can automate decision making. Your business as a whole can be systematized to provide consistent results to your customers. 

"The advantage of using automation is that you are using the full spectrum of potential that a computer has to offer: efficiency, accuracy, and precision."

"Paradigm defines Automation as: Exact operations that will consistently deliver precise results with zero human labor."