Integration Development

Integration Development for Property Preservation

Depending on the amount of volume your Preservation business is handling, software integration, or a lack thereof can be a major bottleneck. What does “Integration” mean? Imagine having a phone call. You are connected to the other person on the phone, and both of you are sharing information. An integration, is essentially a “phone call” between applications. […]

The Best Preservation Advice I Heard

Many of you in preservation probably remember 2013. I was still in Preservation. Things were busy, there were homes to secure and maintain, compliance regs were still maturing, and prices were great. During this time, I had the opportunity to personally meet with some our client’s regional supervisors. One, who’s name I cant really remember, […]


Outsourcing in Property Preservation

In Property Preservation, choosing to outsource office work can often be a challenging decision. At times, it can be even be heated topic. Is it really the right thing to do? Can this company offshore really do what they are saying? Will they make a mistake that could end my business? The answer to all […]

Bidding in Field Services

Bidding 101

Whether you’re giving a price for your services or an itemized list of supplies and labor, in nearly any services industry, bidding is a major part of your daily operation(s). This is especially true in the preservation industry. You are the specialist on site and the eyes for the investor.   So, if estimates are […]

What is Property Preservation and Where do You Fit in?

If you tell someone you’re in the property preservation business, most people will ask, “What’s that? Do you preserve historic homes or something?”. If you say you’re in the mortgage field service business, they’ll think, “ok they must do something with mortgages?”. I think a lot of the boots on the ground type of people, […]


Is it Time to Get into Construction?

Foreclosures are at their lowest point in a decade, and actually getting evicted from your property is becoming increasingly rare. There are 811,00 properties in some stage of foreclosure according to RealtyTrac? It can be said that we have hit the REO bottom, and this is the new normal we should expect in terms of work volume or […]

office services

Our New Property Preservation Business Services

One of the major challenges that a business has is getting started. From figuring out contracts, finding insurance, building a good team, to having the right operational infrastructure. The process can be long, and drawn out. Then after getting everything setup, and running efficiently, you may discover that you need a new software platform, logo, or […]