Integrate Software and Automate your Office

We connect and automate the most widely used software in the Real Estate and Property Preservation industries. Find the integration that fits your needs in our Integration Portal. Start saving time, and money.

Integrating the Preservation Industry

During the 2016 NAMFS conference there was a consensus that technology integration would play a pivotal role in the industry. With millions of foreclosures, dozens of National Property Preservation companies, hundreds of Regionals, and thousands of local contractors, the need to streamline data to efficiently manage these assets is essential. Without software integration, you need more staff to manage more data, but if you can integrate your software, things instantly become easier. 

Announcing Our Integration Platform

We are excited to announce the launch of an On-demand Integration platform that helps Property Preservation companies discover, setup, and start an automation, or integration solution. Each week we hope to launch more integration solutions that help connect preservation software like PPW, Field-Comm, Pruvan, etc to other apps like Dropbox, Quickbooks, Excel, and even the Software at the National level. Plus we are making access to it free, so anyone can see what integrations are available.

Automate Preservation Software

As a Property Preservation Company or Contractor you need a way to save time, and automate as much of the office/admin work as possible. We have pre-built automation solutions that you can use immediately, such as Contractor Update Requests, or we can create a custom integration for you. 

Integrate Preservation Software

Connect Property Preservation software to cloud based services such as Email, Skype, Quickbooks, Text Notifications, Dropbox, Google Calendar, and hundreds more. 

Easy to use

The concept of automating the dynamic nature of Property Preservation may seem foolish, however there are un-changing routines that everyone does. We created solutions for those routines. Our vision was to also make these solutions easy for everyone to configure, access, and if necessary make customer support available at a moments notice. Often it should only take you 3-4 mouse clicks, and filling out a brief form to setup an integration.

On Demand

With a subscription you will be able to setup the integration(s) you want when you want them. It's really that simple. You can use 10 different integrations, or just one. Did you sign MCS on as a new client? Check out our MCS integrations. Are you now using PPW? Be sure to check out our PPW integrations.  No programming knowledge required.


How do we keep your data secure? We don't outsource.  Data is stored in the cloud using trusted sources. Integrations  are not open source. Credentials are encrypted, and the only data we store is the data you use to setup an integration.  


Software is expensive. Cash is tight. So we are making access to these solutions affordable, so any Preservation Contractor, Regional, or National can access them, and take advantage of the simplicity they can create. Originally we were charging customers to create custom automation solutions, this service was expensive and hard to scale. If you are in need of a customized automation solution, you can still schedule a initial consultation here.

Our Clients


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We have been able to automate routine office tasks and have those tasks performed during off hours. I have estimated that we are saving between 3 – 4 hours per day of processing time updating work orders with our clients and contractors. On an annual basis, this is saving us approximately 15,000 in costs.

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