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Problem: Employees are not enough

Due to compliance requirements such as Workers Compensation, Health Insurance, and Minimum Wage increases, your overhead will increase with each new hire. As your business obtains more clients, it will be inevitable that you must increase your workforce to maintain its customer service. As you grow, the demands of your customers will also grow. But your options for affordable systems that can manage this influx of information are limited, or very expensive.

Solution: Robotic Process Automation

To manage this influx of information, we create a "robot". When a company outsources offshore to a BPO company, they provide a set of well-defined rules that must be consistently adhered to by the BPO company. In other words, since consistent rules are behind many of the operations, we define these as "Workflows" or "Algorithms". Paradigm, takes those algorithms, and creates a system that can perform those operations using a computer rather than a human. Our developers create a specialized robotic solution that can answer your office automation needs. 

Automate Tasks in Windows
Automate Tasks on Web Based Apps
Automate Cloud Based Processes

Increase Efficiency

Improve consistency, productivity, and the service that is tantamount to your customer. It takes one of our systems 10-15 seconds to perform a task. A person completing the same task would take 5-10 minutes. If there is somehow too much work to complete,  two "robots" can be setup on the fly to share the workload. The same office automation is capable of error ratios less than 2% in comparison to the data entry standard of 3-5% by people. 

How it Works: A Smart Work Queue

All of the tasks that you want your robot to complete are loaded into a Smart Work Queue. The robot then processes what is put into that work queue, and if it needs any assistance completing a certain task, it will contact you. Don't worry, our robots won't call you, but they may send an email or two.

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